Abby: Cold shoulder huh?
Luka: Well not exactly the answer I was hoping to hear.
Abby: Well not exactly the best proposal I’ve ever heard.
Luka: How many have you heard? Hey, hey hey. Okay so, you- you don’t know what you want this to be?
Abby: I don’t wanna get married for the sake of getting married. I tried that once.
Luka: Don’t we love each other?
Abby: It’s not about that. Of course we do.
Luka: Look, don’t you think we should stay together forever?
Abby: Well I don’t know if anybody should or can.

ER s12e22 “Twenty-One Guns” Abby and Luka (via dreamycupcake)
Abby: Thank god the human species has a nine-month gestation period. Can you imagine if we were rats, and I was gonna pump this thing out in six weeks? Isn’t that scary?
Luka: No. But you’re scaring me.

ER s12e12 “Split Decisions” Luka and Abby (via dreamycupcake)
Abby: Are you awake?
Luka: Barely.
Abby: I can’t sleep.
Luka: It’s difficult to sleep, when you talk.
Abby: I keep thinking about stuff.
Luka: Then stop thinking about stuff.
Abby: Don’t you wanna know what I’m thinking about?

ER s12e12 "Split Decisions" Abby and Luka (via dreamycupcake)


Maura walking her dog in the West Village yesterday

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ER MEME: (season finales 2/5)

season 12 : 21 Guns

I freaked out and wasn’t allowed to watch it for the next season and a half. #allmyabbyfeelings

Laura Innes directing S12E02 - “Nobody’s Baby”

Guess that makes you a DILF.

What will you miss the most about ER?

Maura Tierney: The people. I had a great time! You know, I just love everybody here. It’s been a great run. It’s the people for sure.